MyGroundBiz is one of the most popular online portals where the registered users can receive the latest news and details, vehicle sales, association to the vendors, success stories, details regarding your company, like settlement, charge statements, eForms, etc. The online portal is exclusive to the people affiliated with the Ground Biz FedEx and should have a MyGroundBiz account.


Here in this article, we have explained the various details regarding the portal available on the official website at We have explained the steps to use the MyGroundBiz portal and signed in to the same in a much simpler way in our article.

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About FedEx Corporation

FedEx is a well-known American multinational delivery services company best known for its overnight delivery service. Frederick W. Smith started the Federal Express Corporation in 1971. The company’s headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx has a system that allows users to track their items and receive real-time information on their position. It employs about 2,40,000 people and generates $69.217 billion in annual revenue. In the United States, it is one of the most extensively used delivery services.

FedEx is a 44-year-old corporation. It used to provide free shipping with a minimum order value of $100. FedEx Express trains, on the other hand, have been a crucial part of the FedEx fleet since 2001 due to the massive package handling volume.

MyGroundBiz Login Portal

Mygroundbiz was created specifically for FedEx employees and customers. MyGroundBiz and MyGroundBizAccount sections make up the majority of the platform. You’ll find FedEx corporation news, updates, information, opportunities, links to vendors, contractor details, vehicle sales, and business success stories for motivation in the My Ground Biz section. In the mygroundbiz account section, you’ll find all of your company’s information, such as Settlement/Charge statements, eForms, billing statements, and so on.

Creating A MyGroundBiz Account

A FedEx id and password are required to access the mygroudbiz portal. To obtain login credentials, you must first register a mygroundbiz account. The FedEx customer site,, is open to all FedEx customers. The procedure for registering for the mygroundbiz client login portal is as follows:

  • To sign up, users must submit their user ID, along with their email address, first name, last name, company, and birthplace.
  • Now users should decide the language in which they wish to access this portal. There are various portals available here.
  • In the next step, it is necessary to confirm the business type. For example, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, etc.
  • Canadian users must go with either HTML or plain text for the preferred e-mail format.
  • After filling up the registration form, you will be sent an account activation number. It is necessary to activate your account number or else you won’t be able to access your MyGroundBiz account.

MyGroundBiz Account Login Procedure

You can log in to after enrolling at to enjoy all of the FedEx company’s services and advantages. The Mygroundbiz login portal is simple to use. To log in to my ground biz, follow the steps below:

You just need to follow some very simple steps to sign in to the MyGroundBiz account. Have a look at the same below:

  • Make sure that the device through which you are accessing this portal is connected to an active and stable internet connection.
  • Open your favorite browser and visit the official website of this portal at
  • You will be redirected to the home page of your account where you will see a sign-in portion.
  • Submit your user ID and password in the required field carefully
  • Verify the details that you have submitted.
  • After verifying your submitted details, tap the button that reads “Sign In”.
  • Now, if the above details are correct, you will be redirected to the MyGroundBiz account home page.
  • It is necessary to know that after successfully signing in to your account, you will be able to access the benefits offered by it.

MyGroundBiz Portal Essentials

Some of the primary necessities of using the services available on the portal for the registered users are defined below. Have a read at the same to use the portal with the utmost ease:

  1. Firstly, online registration is mandatory for the users to sign in and use the offered services on this portal.
  2. Also, an electronic device having an access to a good and uninterrupted internet connection is mandatory.
  3. No person who is unauthorized to use the portal must make an attempt to do so.
  4. The browser you are using must meet the criteria that has been defined by the portal’s management team.
  5. This portal demands your login credentials to sign in and thus use all the perks and offers that are available here.

Thus, make sure that you possess the requirements listed above when you make an attempt to register on the MyGroundBiz Login portal. Using this online portal is quite easy for the users after they register on it.

Reset MyGroundBiz  Password

If the customer of the MyGroundBiz portal has forgotten his user id or password due to any reason, no need to worry as you can reset the same by dialing the number 1-855-639-77 9. You will be able to talk to our technical team by dialing this number and communicating with FedEx directly.

Do you wish to reset the password for my ground biz account? Or perhaps you’ve misplaced your password? If this is the case, there is no need to be concerned. You can reset your password for the site. Request that your password be changed by calling the mygroundbiz technical support team at 1-855-639-779.

They will then ask you a series of questions to verify your identification, including your employee id, SSN, security questions, FedEx user id, and so on. They will send an email to your registered email address after the verification is completed. A password reset link will be included in that email. For your account, click that and create a new password.


It is necessary to know that your account password is only valid for 3 months. Thus, if any login error arises, it is necessary to know the validity of your password. It is highly recommended to note down the date of your registration somewhere so that you can easily know when does your account password expires.

Official NameMyGroundBiz
Language Multi-Language

MyGroundBiz Account Services

Only authorized customers who have registered with FedEx have access to the platform. When you sign up or register for FedEx Ground, you can also sign up for one of the following services:
Pickup and Delivery (R&D): This option allows you to become an R&D partner. Then there’s the picking up, transporting, and delivering of packages. You can do this by using FedEx delivery vans or small trucks to pick up packages from shippers and deliver them to local FedEx hubs. Users of the login page can also arrange for delivery transportation. In which they must provide transportation to both professional and private recipients from the destination station.
You also have the option of using “Line Haul.” If you join as a line haul member, you will be able to transport FedEx Ground service trailers from one facility to another, or from one station to another, or from one hub to another via highway/road. This service also includes a transportation option that allows you to travel between customer locations and FedEx stations or hubs.

Benefits and Applications of the MyGroundBiz Login Portal

My ground biz account has various advantages and purposes. The following are some of the areas:

  • Users can receive FedEx updates, announcements, and the most recent news at any moment.
  • Customers get access to all private information, including bank statements, electronic forms, statements, and more.
  • Vehicle trading is another alternative where you can purchase and sell autos.
  • Links to vendors.
  • Motivational success tales

Important and Supplementary Information Regarding MyGroundBiz

Mygroundbiz is open to all members, employees, and customers, who can register and log in using their authorized login credentials. During business hours, they can log into their account at any moment. The following are some crucial details of My Ground Biz that you should be aware of:

  • You must update your password the first time you connect into your account. Your password should be between eight and thirty-two characters long, with at least one number and one special character.
  • For a period of 90 days, your password will be valid. It will thereafter be deactivated. As a result, every 90 days, you must update your password.
  • In MyGroundbiz, there are two sections. One is for information, where you may find out about FedEx news, updates, data, sale vehicles, vendor links, and company success stories. And then there’s the second segment, which is all about doing business with clients. There will be all of your clients’ information.
  • From your account, you can access billing statements, bank statements, invoices, electronic forms, and other official data.
    It also has an automated log-out feature.
  • After 18 minutes of inactivity, a popup window will appear with a link; click it if you want to proceed. Even if you do not react, your account will be automatically logged out in a few minutes if you do not respond.

MyGroundBiz Customer Support Contact Details 

If you are having trouble accessing or logging into your account, please contact us. You can reach the helpdesk at by dialling 1.800.HELPMIS (435.7647). Mygroundbiz’s customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to Midnight EST, and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST.



MyGroundBiz has been providing some great quality of services since the first day of its introduction to the market. The headquarters of this company is located in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The American multinational company has been extremely popular when it comes to providing courier services all over the world.

Mygroundbiz is an online portal in an association that is affiliated to FedEx where the customers can sign in to see updated news and details regarding various factors. Customers in the United States just love this online portal. This portal is extremely secure as it has been designed by the highly coding method.


FedEx is one of the most popular shipping companies in the United States. They have made sure that the MyGroundBiz portal is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. If you face any issues using this portal, you can contact the customer support of the MyGroundBiz portal anytime without any sort of hesitation.

MyGroundBiz employee also gets a huge number of advantages from working with a world-class shipping company. Lates of updated news and information on this portal is one of the major benefits of the same. Many people in the United States have used this portal and also loved it. This portal offers a wide range of options to people all over the United States.


We have explained the registration and the login steps of the MyGroundBiz portal in a much simpler way here. In case of any queries or any issues with this portal, you can contact the customer support of this portal anytime and from anywhere. They are always on their feet to resolve your queries. Peace!

As a result, MyGroundBiz is a highly useful gateway for FedEx employees, members, and anyone else who has joined the company. On a single platform, they can verify everything and acquire extensive and up-to-date information on the firm, packages, and other topics.

We hope you found this information useful. We’ve covered all you need to know about, including what it is, how to log in, how to register, and how to utilise it. If you still have questions about MyGroundbiz, please use the comment section to contact us.